12 Songs for the Groom and His Mom FAQ

When the Groom dances with his Mom, what song will be playing?

This question and similarly worded questions are being asked of DJ's and bandleaders on a regular basis. I have personally been asked to give an answer on hundreds of occasions. My best estimate (based on participating in the planning of over two thousand weddings) is that fully 8 out of 10 grooms do not have a song they would feel comfortable with when they dance with their Mom on their Wedding Day.

Aren't there any songs just for the Groom and his Mom?

There are a few songs that are available that were written just for that special moment when a Mom and her son dance on his Wedding Day. In the past, I have personally recommended these songs to my clients and have been surprised at the uniformly negative reactions these songs have received. As a result, I have written 12 different songs all targeted towards the feelings and emotions of that one special moment when these two people come face to face with the tremendous change happening in their lives. I call this collection 12 Songs for the Groom and His Mom.

I hate to dance and I don't like to be in the spotlight!

Join the club! You don't need to dance for four minutes or five minutes or even three minutes. The 12 songs on 12 Songs for the Groom and His Mom are purposefully short. The shortest song is 1:30 and the longest is 2:40. Most songs are under two minutes long and that's usually as much time as you need to take pictures and share your love with all your guests.

My Mom and I don't have a typical relationship. We're really best friends.

Great! When you hear The Best of Friends, you'll know that this song is just for you.

All the other Mother/Son songs are from the point of view of the Mom. Are any of your 12 songs from the son's point of view?

One of the driving forces in the creation of this CD was the complaints of many grooms who say that they have no songs which speak for them. 12 Songs for the Groom and His Mom contains many songs which are from the point of view of the groom. Examples are My Wedding Day, Mama and Thanks for Being a Perfect Mom, just to name a few.

Isn't this CD very expensive?

How much are you spending on your wedding? This is really a very small price to pay for a perfect moment.

Was this music recorded in a basement somewhere?

Every aspect of the production of 12 Songs for the Groom and His Mom was done by professionals in professional settings. The recording, mixing, mastering, manufacturing, artwork, color processing and printing were all done by the best people and companies available. This is a product that deserves your attention.

Is 12 Songs for the Groom and His Mom available as a cassette?

12 Songs for the Groom and His Mom is only available as a CD.

What is your return policy?

We are happy to refund the purchase price of any unopened CD that is returned to us. If the CD is opened however, we are unable to accept returns.

What if I don't like anything on the CD?

Up to this point, about 1 out of every 375 people who buy 12 Songs for the Groom and His Mom can't find anything on it that they are happy with. It happens. I wish everyone loved it, but every now and then someone doesn't like it. You can't please everyone. The reason why we supply sound clips on the site is so that you know what you are getting before you buy it.

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