12 Songs for the Groom and His Mom for the Groom - Mother Dance

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By now you must have heard
the Reggae Cake-Cutting song...
Cut da' Ting
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Alabama (8) AL
Alaska (1) AK
Arizona (20) AZ
Arkansas (7) AR
California (85) CA
Colorado (25) CO
Connecticut (48) CT
Delaware (20) DE
DC (16) DC
Florida (109) FL
Georgia (38) GA
Hawaii (11) HI
Idaho (13) ID
Illinois (76) IL
Indiana (49) IN
Iowa (15) IA
Kansas (15) KS
Kentucky (16) KY
Louisiana (16) LA

Maine (24) ME

Maryland (37) MD

Michigan (53) MI
Minnesota (37) MN
Missouri (15) MO
Montana (7) MT
Nebraska (3) NE
Nevada (28) NV

New Jersey (94) NJ

New Mexico (10) NM

New York (123) NY

Ohio (91) OH

Oklahoma (16) OK
Oregon (50) OR
Pennsylvania (101) PA
Rhode Island (24) RI
Tennessee (27) TN
Texas (72) TX
Utah (20) UT
Vermont (15) VT
Virginia (35) VA
Washington (20) WA
Wisconsin (69) WI
Wyoming (4) WY
Canada (145)
*Wedding Songs for the Bride on Her Wedding Day*
featuring That's My Dad - Cut da' Ting - Glass Slippers
12 Songs for the Groom and his Mom
featuring My Boy - One Special Son
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