Hi! Call me TJ. I've had the pleasure of writing, producing and performing (with the help of Penny Mealing) 12 Songs for the Groom and his Mom. Let me tell you a little about myself and how 12 Songs for the Groom and his Mom came into being.

I have performed at over 2000 Weddings in the greater New York area over the course of the last 20 or so years. Since 1991, I have become involved in the booking and planning of the Weddings and have spent many, many hours in conversation with lots of engaged couples. Everyone wants something a little different to make their day unique to them and special in a lot of ways.

There is one thing that has come up over and over again during these planning sessions and that is why I have created 12 Songs for the Groom and his Mom and offer it to you here. I can't tell you how many times I have heard that the groom can't find any song he feels comfortable with for dancing with his Mom. True, there are a couple of songs written for this purpose but it has been my experience that most people would rather not use those songs even when I recommended them.

The parent dance is a really special moment at the reception and it is really full of emotion. One of the most enjoyable things for me is to share in the love and joy expressed by the Brides and Grooms for their Dads and Moms and visa versa. This is a moment that happens only once in a lifetime and it seems to symbolize the permanent change that has taken place with the Marriage. This moment is the culmination of a lifetime of caring and nurturing and finally letting go. It's no wonder that the music playing is an important decision that needs to be made. In my experience, the Bride usually knows what she wants to use for the Bride/Dad dance but the Groom, on the other hand, usually does not.

At the very moment I decided to bring this CD into existance, I was walking up a fairway and the melody and lyric " My Boy, so much more than just a son, you are my joy" came into my head. It was such a profound moment for me that I will never forget it as it truly marked the beginning of the project and of this very touching song, My Boy. Listen to it here.

I remember the day I got married and the feelings of thankfulness I had for my Mom and all she had done to help me get to where I was. It's easy to recall the look of pride and happiness on her face. I'll never forget it! These are feelings and ideas that are represented in various songs as well as thoughts that came up during the planning sessions I've participated in. I remember one fellow who couldn't find anything anywhere that would adequately address his feelings of friendship towards his Mom. The Best of Friends was written towards that end. This song by the way can easily be used by the Bride for her dance as it only addresses the beauty and strength of true friendship. It can be dedicated to anyone from anyone and is a really nice duet.

Another thing I tried to address is the fact that most guys don't love to dance and would rather be out of the spotlight ASAP. Because of this I have kept the length of the songs to under 2:30. Half of the songs are under 2:00. This leaves enough time to take pictures and share a special moment without it becoming uncomfortable for anyone. One of the things people have said to me is "The Bride has Daddy's Little Girl but what does the Groom have...Mommy's Little Boy?" This question was almost always followed by laughter, but Mommy's Little Boy was born and ended up being a really sweet song that states the motherly feeling that no matter how old a man gets and no matter what he does, in her heart, he'll always be Mommy's Little Boy.

What Mother's heart isn't filled with good wishes for her son on his Wedding Day? Believe it or not there are some instances where this is not the case. However, these people don't need a song about it. A Wedding Day Wish for My Son is a song about the overwhelming majority of Moms who are thrilled to tears to see their son take this biggest step of his life. Everyone likes to be appreciated for the special things they have done and Moms are no different. How much of their lives are spent doing things for their husbands and kids without so much as a simple thanks for all their effort. The lack of recognition never stops Mom from doing everything she can. Thanks for Being a Perfect Mom and Mama are two songs which say Thanks in different ways.

It is my very real hope that you will find one of these songs on 12 Songs for the Groom and his Mom to be just right for your Mother/Son dance and am hoping that you will enjoy using it. Regardless of your choice, I wish you the absolutely best day possible.

T.J. Loughran

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