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If you have ever planned music for a wedding, you probably know there's not much out there for the groom and his mom when they take the spotlight for their turn around the dance floor. "The bride and her dad have traditionally danced to 'Daddy's Little Girl', and the groom and his mom to 'Mister Wonderful,'" says musician T.J. Loughran, a twenty-year veteran of the wedding circuit. "We've used these tunes for the large majority of the over two thousand weddings I've played." There just aren't enough choices. Couples who are planning their weddings today want something fresh.

With this need in mind, TJ has composed and recorded with the vocals of Penny Mealing, 12 Songs for the Groom and His Mom . Each song expresses a different sentiment, with a variety of musical styles that are bound to hit the right chord whether your preference is pop, rock, country, rhumba or perhaps a nice waltz.

Now available on CD, you can order directly from 12 Songs Ltd., PO Box 220383, Great Neck, NY 11021 with a check or money order for $15.95 plus $4.50 s/h or for orders only call 24hrs/7day a week tollfree 1-800-929-9279.

by Jane Lawton

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